Weddings / 06 Dec 2015
Jill & John

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This was the first wedding I shot with Aden Gower Photography. This was also Johannesburg and I was no longer in Scottburgh where jeans are considered formal wear. So I had to look smart! So I decided to go to shoot a 12 hour wedding in high heels – and not take any spare shoes! Rookie error!!!!!!!! I love high heels, if I could last 12 hours in them and if I was ninja enough to not twist an ankle while marching through bush and up montains etc to get a epic shot, I would wear them to every wedding. But practically it just doesn’t work for me. I can’t last 12 hours in them, I can barely last a couple hours in them. And then theres the fact that when taking photos, you don’t generally stick to the paths and perfectly even ground. What could be worse than your photographer breaking an ankle at your wedding and not being able to finish shooting. Dreadful idea. But clearly on this day I was not thinking so off I went in my high heels. I’m pretty sure I looked smart, and I definitely felt smart. But after a few hours my feet hurt! I have a very clear memory of the walk back to the car when we were leaving that night and I remember how every step was so painful I must have looked like I was limping the whole way back to car, but I refused to take off my shoes! There was no way I was going to admit to such a major rookie error on the first day of job when I was obviously still on trial to see if I would be good enough for the job.


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