Travel / 04 Dec 2015
Lion and Rhino Park

When my aunt fetched me from the Vaal and asked me to stay with her, it was quite a lifestyle change for me. Back in Durban and at home week days we focused on varsity and then weekends were spent mostly playing hockey or going to my sisters to go visit and ride the horses. And on the odd occasion that I got a weekend off from hockey or horses I would usually just go the beach with friends or like a braai or something. When I came to Johannesburg there was no regular sport for me, and my cousin had just started school so she didn’t really have weekends taken up with sport or school activities yet. And there was no beach to just go to! So we sort of became tourists because what else do you do on a weekend? So this was one of the first weekends where we woke up and it was sort of “what do we do with our day”. I still find this is something I struggle with on quite a regular basis. What do people do in Joburg? Yes I am generally working so I don’t really have the time to go out, but sometimes I just need a break and want to go do something different, but there’s no beach to just pop down to for an hour or so to refresh the mind. And the touristy things like Lion and Rhino park are more full day adventures. I quite enjoy the coffee shop thing (my scale doesn’t!) but I miss the beach and I realise just how much I took living on the coast for granted.

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