Animal Shoots, Dog Shoot / 08 Apr 2021
Coco, Jess, Maverick & Romeo’s Pet Portraits

Coco, Jess, Maverick & Romeo’s Pet Portraits were taken both at their home and the local dog park, Delta Park.

I started at their home, for a number of reason. But mainly because we knew that Romeo could be a bit nervous and he might not be too happy with having a camera pointed at him. Their humans also wanted some shots of them without their collars on. And we didn’t want to risk taking their collars off while they were at the park.


Romeo is the sweetest boy who loves cuddles. And as soon as he got used to me he kept trying to climb onto my lap! But he isn’t the most confident. He especially wasn’t the most confident when I was there, as there was a huge storm brewing, and he isn’t fond of storms. But we decided to start with him and just get him used to me and my mighty camera so that when we met again in a couple days, he would know that my camera wasn’t going to hurt him.

Just two days later, and at the park Romeo was like a whole different dog! He ran around and played happily with the other dogs. He still tried to climb onto my lap every time I knelt down, but he was so much more relaxed.



Coco is the sweetest girl! She just calmly does was anyone asks her to and trots along happily with her fur brothers and sister. She is super food driven though. On this shoot the humans were the treat distributors, so Coco would get her treats from her humans, come trotting up to me and when she saw that all I have to give her is love, she would instantly turn her back on me and go back to her humans.



This boy is such a character! Maybe it’s just because he is still young, but he is constantly up to something. At his home he would run around and pounce on his toys. Then he would sit with them between his paws. He could do this all the time, but I’m pretty sure it was all just a show and him posing for some good shots.

At the park he was like an energiser bunny. He would run around doing zoomies on the grass, then through the flowers or go and chase his fur brother and sisters. He was also normally the first to go great any other dogs that happened to walk past and try and check if any of them were interested in playing with him. While his brother and sisters slowly used up their energy and settled down at the park, Maverick looked like he had just finished warming up by the time the shoot and the park visit was over.



Jess is the latest addition to the family. She is a rescue that this family welcomed into their home. We kept Jess on a lead most of the time because we never know how humans will react when they see a pitbull, and we wanted to make sure Jess had a positive experience at the park. The few times we did take her off we made sure there were no other humans or dogs around, and we got to see her in her element running around, playing and sniffing. She is such a sweet girl who is so curious about everything!



These four dogs and I (and hopefully their humans) had an absolute blast doing this shoot. The dogs must have thought it was Christmas they got so many treats (although I guess Easter is also a good reason to get so many treats).

If you are also wanting to have some photos captured of your furkids, contact me and lets set up a shoot!


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