Portraiture / 06 Jan 2016
Lisa & Shaun’s Dog Shoot

Lisa is the best human being on earth

If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have this website. She has been the absolute most amazingly helpful person.

Lessons Learnt

I also learnt a very valuable lesson during this shoot. Don’t go run track the morning before a shoot after you’ve just taken off 6 months for an injury recovery. When arrived at the venue I discovered Lisa and Shaun had parked at a different parking. So, I jumped out my car and started missioning up the hill. I slowed slightly when I realised I could feel my legs had done some work that morning. Then I slowed some more when the legs started to really feel quite heavy. Then I slowed down to a near crawl when the burn started setting in. I spotted Shaun and Lisa when I got to about half way up the hill along with two tiny monsters running around like crazy at their feet. Side note: I’ve never been so jealous of dogs before. These two had so much energy. All the energy must have rubbed off a bit onto me and we decided to find a quitter spot in the park to try get some pictures.

Much like the dogs on my last dog shoot at a park, these guys were so darn excited to be out and running around! The thought of listening to their human mom and dad when they were asked to sit didn’t even cross their minds. These guys ran around like crazy. We sat trying to get a good shot in the seconds when they stopped to look at which direction they were going to sprint in next.

Venue: Delta Park

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