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A few weeks back I managed to convince a crazy friend of mine to get her boyfriend and do a shoot with me.
So yesterday was shoot day!
11:00am I had a meeting… That i thought would last about an hour, maybe an hour and a half… well it didn’t. It lasted like the entire day!!!! So its like 4:30 when we finally manage to get away and try hit the road to get to her house (like 60km away) to do the shoot – But we hit traffic! So here we both are (she was also at the meeting) brains completely exhausted from our insanely long meeting, tummys growling from no decent food since breakfast,t (luckily I had some chic chip cookies in my car to keep us alive), now we were stuck in traffic and well to be honest, doing a photoshoot was pretty much the last thing I felt like doing. And to make it worse, my brain (what was left of it) was in complete business mode, I could hardly think of any creative photo I had ever taken let alone any I could create that night!!! So we get to her complex and get cake and tea 😀 😀 woooop woooop tea down – I’m a little bit more alive now 😀 😀 raid her cupboard to find something for her to wear and in the process find some amazing rings, bracelets and necklaces – so here I am stealing (borrowing) her amazing pieces (she’s a very good friend – I don’t normally just raid peoples cupboards and steal their jewellery!!) so creative juices start to flow a bit, but at least I’m getting excited to do the shoot now. My energy was still at a pretty low level but I wasn’t going to even consider calling off the shoot! To make things worse, this amazing human being and her boyfriend are both also photographers – Yes they are both amazing people and I’m pretty certain they would never tell me one of my pictures are bad unless its to help me – but still I was flippen nervous, they photographers, they are going to judge how you shoot, how the pictures are shot, the raw images and the end product – everything is going to be judged!! I was silently freaking out!!! But then I realised, a year ago I would never have done this!! I would have avoided even mentioning a shoot in front of them or any other photographer friend for fear that they would ask me to do a shoot!! So wooop woooop on the super good side I not only realised that I was capable of doing this, but I also realised that I could shoot in my own style and be myself and even if they don’t like the end result I can handle it!! We all have different styles, we all have different opinions of what we like and don’t like and I was confident in myself and my own work.
So off we go – energy still a bit low at this point!! – So we get to the stadium where we want to do the shoot. Stadium. That’s all we were told about this ‘cool place to shoot’, so I automatically just presume that its a rugby stadium with amazing big grand stands and so on, so here I have a million shots planned out in my mind for how I’m going to go about this shoot. Problems:
  1. We already running late after the meeting, and well the sun never runs late, so its already on its way down, almost completely down, and we just starting!
  2. Its not a rugby stadium – Its a running track, with one grand stand arena on one side, in the shade!
  3. There are runners there for training – and they looking at us like we lost!
Thank goodness I’ve recently become a runner!! Because the track did make my heart do a little flip and get excited about being at a proper track and now knowing where I can go do track work when I raid my friends house 😀 😀 So with that little bit of excitement we kept going and went and did a few photos on the outskirts of the track in the little bit of sun that was left. These two amazing people were incredible!!! With them being photographers I feared either they going to just take over and pose themselves and tell me where to stand and everything, or they just going to freeze up and be portable statues – they were amazing!!! They did neither, they left me in control, while still having their photography knowledge and using it for small adjustments. Flip I love these two amazing human beings!
Anyway sun went down – BUT we had flashes 😀 😀 😀 play time!! And oh aren’t these two the best! They honestly were amazing! I dragged them around the entire place while I played and experimented with flash. And they didn’t complain once!! They are amazing!! They didn’t even take over and try and force educate me, they let me play and learn the best way!!
So so so so super excited to do more shoots with these two!!!
TamrynLowe-208 TamrynLowe-209 TamrynLowe-211 TamrynLowe-212

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