Weddings / 07 Dec 2015
Stef & Greame’s Wedding

So normal people have a party on their 21st birthday. I photographed Stef & Greame’s Wedding.

I loved this couple though. It was totally worth it. We had already done their couple shoot a few weeks before, at the beautiful Johannesburg Botanical Gardens.  Stef & Greame they wanted their wedding day to be more focused on them being with their guests rather than them having to leave the party for an hour or so to have photos taken.


So a few days before their special day they got all dressed up and we did the photoshoot.

Super Duper amazing photoshoot! It was right at the end of the year and Joburg was pretty much empty as everyone tends to leave Joburg and go on holiday. So we started off at the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens. What a stunning place! Such a nice place to take photos at! But, then we decided to go do their night shoot on Nelson Mandela Bridge in the city.



Normally its quite busy here and you are not really able to get enough time to set up lighting and everything and still get the shot between traffic. But because of the time of year we managed to spend quite a lot of time out there playing. The shoot was absolutely amazing, but if I think back, it was probably also just the excitement of shooting in the city. A place I avoid at all costs and that is super dangerous to be in. So running around with fancy super expensive camera equipment is pretty much running around asking for trouble… so adrenaline was at an all time high the entire shoot. But nothing dodgy happened and we all survived and still left with all our equipment! And of course, some incredible pictures.


I should also note that, before we went to the bridge we did drop off our memory cards with the Garden shoot on them, so that even if our camera equipment did get stolen, we would still have the couples pics from earlier in the day.



Then on the wedding day. My Birthday 😀 😀 😀 they had a small early ceremony so that their reception was still during the day. Guests got to play lawn bowls, and other activities that were all set up for guests to have an amazing but relaxed time. Stef & Greame’s Wedding was an absolutely superb wedding!

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