Weddings / 07 Dec 2015
Mandy & Jeanne’s Wedding

Mandy & Jeanne’s Wedding


A travelling wedding!

Mandy & Jeanne’s Wedding was amazing. I got to go to Dullstroom for this one.  It’s a bit hard to describe the difference in some couples, but some seem to get on really well and be really comfortable with each other. Others there’s all of that and an insane spark between them. This couple had such a spark it was insane!


Oh! And their guest were so insanely epic, the one girl broke her leg trying to catch the bouquet!


But now let me tell you a bit about Dullstroom! There’s a chocolate factory. Well its more like a chocolate shop, but there is a little shop that just has chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. And you can get chocolate shooters here. So you get a little shooter glass made out of chocolate, that they then fill with melted chocolate and BAM! You have a chocolate shooter! THEN… they have a waffle place! A little restaurant that makes a whole bunch of different waffles! Savoury ones (for those strange people – aliens –  who don’t have a sweet tooth) and they have a whole choice of yummy super sweet ones! THEN… they have a little brewery!!! It wasn’t on this trip to Dullstroom that I discovered the Brewery though, so I’ll leave that for the blog post on my other Dullstroom trip.


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