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Claudette & Mike’s Wedding


My new favourite wedding venue!

Claudette & Mike’s Wedding was held at the stunning Mongena Game Lodge

So on this fine Saturday I made the most amazing discovery;

There is a big five game reserve about 2 hours away outside of Johannesburg.  And to top it off the place is amazing.

It was Claudette & Mike’s Wedding and wow what fun! The heat was a bit intense, but the absolute beauty of the venue totally made up for it.

The ceremony was held over looking a huge magnificent dam, at a random little spot in the middle of the park. It was breathtaking! Later we had to go on a game drive just to get to the ceremony and got the opportunity to see buffalo, zebra, giraffe, and even a black backed jackal among other wildlife.

TamrynLowe-0598 TamrynLowe-0615

We later got to go on another game drive for the couple shoot.

During the bridal party portrait session & couple shoot session we were given free rein of the park. This gave us the opportunity to choose where we want to take the photos. Mongena Game Lodge sends a game ranger with us, to first of all drive us around, and secondly to keep a look out for us so we don’t accidentally end up endangering our couples or our own lives.

These four pictures below were all taken at the same spot, but just after we went down to the other side of the dam that you see in pictures above to watch the sunset, and of course take some more pictures. We were just finishing up our shoot when the game ranger comes to us and tells us to all get in the vehicle as quickly as possible. Huh? Well, there was a lion coming down the road and was going to walk right past where we were. I’m sorry, but who out there as a more awesome reason for a shoot being interrupted? #onlyinafrica

Dry Ice

Brides to be: Have a look at the image below – don’t you just love the dancing on a cloud vibe? If you are as in love with it as I am, consider having dry ice instead of a standard smoke machine for your wedding. It really does add an incredible wow factor to your images.


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