Travel / 07 Dec 2015
Vaal Dam

Back to this amazing place I love so much.

I can’t really remember the reason for the visit this time. I think I probably just needed to get out of Johannesburg for a day or two. There was a race happening at the time of this visit and when I found this out we planned to go get a bit closer and just take some cool photos of it all happening. I have underwater housing for my camera that I took with to try out some cool shots, but unfortunately something happened to the boat we were supposed to use and we couldn’t go out. If it was allowed and if I had a bit more confidence it my paddling skills I probably would have paddled out to get the pictures. But on my previous trip to the Vaal I discovered that paddling wasn’t as easy as it looked. As you get further out on the dam the wind creates pretty big ripples. This wouldn’t really bother me too much if I was just on my own… But I would definitely not risk taking my camera out on that. Just now we hit a ripple and my camera bounces out and drifts away faster than I can paddle or swim to catch it. Definitely not prepared to take that sort of risk with my precious baby!!



TamrynLowe-109 TamrynLowe-108 TamrynLowe-107 TamrynLowe-106 TamrynLowe-105

TamrynLowe-103 TamrynLowe-102


TamrynLowe-100 TamrynLowe-99

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