8 Things You NEED To Do On Your Wedding Day!



  • Pretend your photographer is not there! This will create beautiful, natural images – and you will have more fun during the shoot!
  • Chin out, not up! This sounds crazy, and honestly feels crazy too! But if you are worried about a double chin, oush your chin towards the camera to elongate your neck.
  • Move your arms off your body. So there are a bunch of technical reasons why this makes you and your images look better – but one of the big reasons is that it helps make your arms appear slimmer.
  • Lean forward when you laugh – This one has another whole bunch of technical reasons why it works, but the ones you will be interested in: It helps prevent a double chin.
  • Put together a family photo list. Ok so this should be done before your big day – but remember to send it to your photographer or have it on you on the day! I could write an entire blog about the ways this saves time on your day!
  • Get along with your photographer. This one you should have also worked out before the big day (Here is a blog about it) but it can really impact your wedding and wedding pics so much!
  • Wear no straps! I always tell my couples this tip, and they always forget – so make a note of it! You really don’t want bra strap imprints on your shoulders during your ceremony!
  • Print your pics!!! So of course I would advise you do this through your photographer so they are an excellent quality – but even if that is too costly for you – make sure you print your favourite pictures and place the somewhere where you will look at them often.


Save this link and make sure you read this a few days before your wedding day so that everything is forefront in your mind!

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