You deserve to exist in photographs. Your family and friends will want to have photo of you to look back on

Whether you feel ‘photogenic’ or not, I will help you create some magic portraits. I know you are beautiful, even of you sometimes struggle to see it – so come on in and let me show you how I see you.

Be it family portraits, portraits with your friends, or maybe even some beautiful glamour style portraits, I am her to help you create some incredible photograph you and your loved ones will love for decades!

Let’s discuss how you want to be photographed!


What should I expect?

Honestly, to look and feel incredible!!


My make up artist and hair stylist will look after and pamper you first. And then once your hair and make up is done and you are already feeling incredible we move onto your personalised portrait session. We will work our way through the outfits I helped you pick out and through the different looks we would have spoken about during our consultation, guiding you every step of the way on how to pose and what facial expression we want.

You can do this on your own, or you can bring in friends or family in to join you. Or you can do it all.

A few days after your portrait session you will come back (or we will meet online) and you will see your pictures and make your selections. You only purchase the photos that you love.

Why do I choose to empower women through photography?

I see it all too often where moms hide behind the camera capturing their kids every milestone, and capturing their parters with their kids. Or when ladies gain a kg or two and suddenly they hide from the camera (I’ve been there). Or when they simply don’t like how they think they look, so they permanently avoid the camera. It’s a horrible feeling not loving yourself. Not loving how you think you look. 

Showing up to have your photograph taken is intimidating, I know that. But that’s why I am here to help you. To guide you every step of the way. And show you what it feels like to stand in front of a camera and slowly fall in love with yourself, and feel more and more empowered with every moment that passes. And then, to get to see a whole collection of photographs of yourself that you absolutely love. 

I see the way it shifts you ladies. And I want to do this for you.

So come and be vulnerable with me, and let me help you not just exist in photos. But exist in photos of yourself that you love! 


How Portrait Sessions Work

You are going to feel incredible!


We will meet either in person or on zoom and plan out your personalised portrait session.

I will answer all your questions, help you pick out your outfits, discuss who you might want to join the shoot. I will learn all about how you want to be photographed so that this portrait session turns into an unforgettable experience for you. Soon after your consultation you will also get our client guide and tips so that you know exactly how you can prepare for your session. 


My professional hair stylist and make up artist will join us on the day of your session to help you have the style of camera-ready, custom make-up you want. You get to choose how much or how little make up you want and how glam or natural you want your hair and make up to be.

MUST DO: Plan a fun evening out – because not only are you going to look stunning, but you are going to feel it too! Grab your girlfriends or your man, and go paint the town red!


We will spend 2-3 hours together, either in studio or at a location of your choice, photographing you and creating a range of incredible photographs – that you LOVE.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about – I have heard every objection, and I can assure you I have got you covered!


About a week after your photo session you will be invited back to my studio where I will show you your incredible portraits! 

We will go through your photos and choose your favourites – what you buy is totally up to you!

Here you will also have the option to add additional products onto your purchase, such as beautiful wall art, albums or folio boxes.

“Wonderful experience, photos turned out amazing”

– Rachel Stevens

Rachel copy

“There are definitely points in time that need to be marked – my husband and I have been married for 5 years and our fur babies are a big part of that. In comes Tamryn. After my sister handed a package for us to use with Tamryn, we were off and what a memorable experience. From beginning to end – professionalism, personalism and fun was had by all. Genuinely, if you are looking for someone to trust with capturing your marked moments – look no further. ?

– Kiara Wylie

Kiara copy

“Fun and Awesome photographer. Great to work with. Worked out well to have our engagement shoot before so one can see how she operates and what to expect when the big day happens. She goes the extra mile for you”

– James Marais

James1 copy

“Tamryn was absolutely wonderful. She was kind, understanding and patient during the shoot. We love the pics and hope to return as clients.

– Kriv Pillay

Kriv copy

What do portrait sessions cost? 

Portrait session & styling fee – R2950

This session & styling fee includes:

  • The shoot planning & styling consultation
  • Complimentary hair & make up (for 1 person with my HMUA)
  • The shoot, either in studio or at a location (within 50km of studio) of your choice
  • The reveal session

Additional Images start at R1200 each 

Let’s chat about the photos you dream of having 


Let’s go! 

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