Casey & Craig’s Matric Dance
07 Jan 2022

Casey had been looking forward to her matric dance for weeks, when just before her dance she got sick. The dreaded Covid-19. So, unfortunately, Casey had to stay home and

Michelle & Wikus’s Engagement Shoot
05 Jan 2022

Like 99.9% of my shoots, Michelle & Wikus's Engagement Shoot started out with me having two nervous people in front of my lens. This is actually one of my favourite

Maria, Andree, Zander & Dumel Matric Dance
08 Dec 2021

Maria, Andree, Zander and Dumel were headed out for their matric dance. And of course they needed photos. I love it when matric dance students decide to have photos taken

AnaStellar Headshots
12 Oct 2021

The team at AnaStellar updates their headshots:   About the brand: I couldn't quite grasp all the medical jargon that went on, but very basically Anastasia went through some serious

Rachel’s 16th Birthday Party Portraits
11 Oct 2021

So Rachel’s 16th birthday party portraits was probably one of my favourite shoots.  Rachel and her closest friends got dressed up to go out to dinner to celebrate her turning

Lisa’s Personal Branding Shoot
11 Oct 2021

Lisa’s personal branding shoot started like almost all my other personal branding shoots. By getting her hair and make up done. Since Lisa doesn’t often wear make up we recommended

Sandra’s Personal Branding Shoot
04 Oct 2021

Sandra came into studio a few weeks back for a personal branding shoot to update her professional images.  She arrived, bubbly personality and all, and was eager to get started

Janice Personal Branding
15 Sep 2021

Janice came to me for personal branding shots for her business. But, before I tell you all about the shoot, let me tell you a bit more about this fabulous

Jolandi & Wiehan’s Engagement Shoot
05 Aug 2021

Jolandi & Wiehan's engagement shoot started quite a bit earlier than I normally book shoots. But between Covid19 regulations and the riots I wasn't going to risk anything. Since Jolandi