Kiddies Shoots / 06 Dec 2015
Riley. Mitchell & Chloe

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I’m not a kid person. Babies scare the living hell out of me and I don’t really understand the point of kids. They just annoying. But these little guys are slightly different. They just have this insane amount of cuteness and are absolutely adorable.
I find photographing kids quite a struggle normally. You can’t really spend an hour telling them to sit and then how to sit and then how to smile etc. You sort of have to be a photographer, entertainer and miracle worker all at the same time. So when these kids came for their shoot I had to find stuff to keep them entertained. I wanted to used the studio for the shoot, just because at the time it was still new to me and so super exciting. But that also meant I had to get stuff that would entertain them for long enough to last at least an hour and that would be able to entertain them in a relatively small space. Luckily theses two boys love sport and simply playing ball with each other was more than enough to make them happy. We spent a good amount of time just shooting while they played, but we also managed to pose them and get some super cute shots in-between the playing.

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