Events / 06 Dec 2015
Muddy Quad Biking

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This was an old friend of mine from back in the day when I was still living and going to school in Johannesburg.  We had been in contact for a few years and when he heard I had moved to Johannesburg him and his girlfriend welcomed me and showed me around and were overall amazing.

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He is quite into his motorbikes and cars and quad bikes and all the other silly stiff that guys like, so the one day when him and his friend decided to go quad biking his girlfriend and I decided to join… I think when we were invited it was more like an invite to go actual quad biking with them – I tend to forget these things sometimes and when I get invited somewhere I always seem to think in term of photography before I catch on that people generally mean to participate. So off I went with my camera! It had just rained the night before and apparently this wasn’t how the place normally looked. I was so stoked! Mud + Bikes = Amazing photos. Obviously this meant we just had to take a million photos (not that the boys really minded) .

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I remember at one stage I was lying almost in a mud muddle so that I could get the coolest angle and it was sort of around a corner and behind a small bush and the one guy came round the corner, and while I wasn’t on the track or in the path where he was supposed to be going, I was very close. I think he got the fright of his life! I got to have a good chuckle!

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