Model Shoots / 06 Dec 2015
Model Portfolio Shoot with Ashliegh Dian

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Photographers. So far, while being in this photographic industry I find you get two very distinct different kinds of photographers. Those more than happy to help you, let you in on secrets, let you in on shoots and be overall friendly. Then there are those who hate you and will never let you know anything about them, their equipment, their techniques, anything!


Ashliegh was one of the amazing ones!! Somehow her work kept popping up on my Facebook timeline and I was amazed. Her work is fabulous! So I decided to contact her and ask her if either I could just tag along to a shoot of hers and be her slave or if she could offer me some advice. I do this quite regularly if I find a photographer whose work I really love. I sort of figure I have nothing to lose of they say no, or ignore the mail like they normally do, but huge amounts to learn if they kind enough to agree. Ashliegh agreed to let me tag along and even said to me I should bring my own camera and take some shots!! I had never worked with a professional model before so I didn’t really know what to expect. But I was amazed! Now don’t get me wrong, Ashliegh’s work is freaking amazing and insane and I have huge amounts of respect for her and her work. But I now also know that a professional model can literally make your life a million times easier! Not having to spend so much time on concentrating on poses and faces and silly little things really gives you the time to let creativity flow while also allowing you to spend more time concentrating on lighting. I think for a few days after this shoot I was convinced I should choose to only work with professional models.

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I really loved this shoot. And do still think I should work with professional models more often. They really do make photography a whole new level of fun.

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