Travel / 06 Dec 2015


I absolutely love love love holidays!! So when my aunt asked me to join her on her annual holiday to Mabula of course I said yes! I remember going there when I was very young and I’ve always remembered the stories of how the ostriches love shiny stuff and how they would come up to the chalet windows and peck away at them. So having the opportunity to go back was super exciting! And getting out of Joburg rush for a few days is always welcomed. So off we went to Mabula.


I had planned on going back a day or two early for some reason and luckily I had taken my own car through. A few days before we left I started getting tooth ache. Nothing bad, just a bit of a pain in the one tooth but enough that I could ignore it. It progressively got worse while on holiday, or the constant pain just started to get to me more, but I remember going out on the early morning drives and just wanting to scream it hurt zoo  much. I couldn’t eat or drink – which is the perfect way to turn me into the grumpiest person on earth and if the wind was cold even simply talking was painful. I only lasted a few days of this pain before I decided it was best for all of us if I just go home and get my darn tooth sorted out.



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